Habitat For Humanity Madagascar
Habitat For Humanity Madagascar
Habitat For Humanity Madagascar
Habitat For Humanity Madagascar

Experience Madagascar the Global Village Way !

Each affiliate is different, each build is different, but each team member will make the trip even more different from another.

Where will we build?
The program department of Habitat Madagascar will determine the building site according to the building planning.

How will we get there?
All flights will land in Antananarivo, the capital. The team will spend the first night in a hotel in Antananarivo. And travel by bus to the building site, usually the day after

Where will we stay?
It depends on the affiliate; team may stay in a group house, which can be a Habitat house or a standard hotel as 2 or 3 per room.

Where will we eat?
If team stays at a hotel, breakfast will be at the hotel. Otherwise, the affiliate members will prepare all food for the team. Team members are highly invited to participate in the cooking.

What language will be used?
Even though it became an official language, a very few Malagasy people can speak English. But a translator will stay permanently with the team, from their arrival at the airport until their departure. Most of the community members can understand and speak French.

What skills are required?
There is no specific building skill required. There will be supervisors on hand to show you how to build. But as most of work assignments are manual labor, participants must be in good health
The work will depend on the local construction techniques and the stage the building program has reached at the time of your trip
You could be mixing concrete or mortar, laying blocks, digging foundations, or painting

When is a trip scheduled?
Details of coming trips can be found here...